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An Anarchist Life


written and directed by Ivan Bormann e Fabio Toich

Warrior, militant, prisoner, conspirator, soldier,confined, bomber, outcast… Umberto Tommasini is all these things and many others, an anarchic blacksmith who goes through the twentieth century pushed by a contagious human energy and n unrestrained vitality. Inside him, live both empathy for the world around and the radicalism of his total objection. A perspective more and more rare.

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An Anarchist life

From press:

Very, very beautiful. Our really great Tommasini stands out with his extraordinary magnitude, in his total sincerity which makes him an exeption. Thanks again and kind regards
Claudio Magris, writer
Beautiful. Full of civil passion. You can feel the strength of an unrepeatable generation.Twenty-year-old people today have not even on tenth of the energy of that eighty-year-old man.
Paolo Rumiz, journalist and writer
The film is really beautiful, in certain moments touching, it saves on an atoll of memory what has not to be lost.
Fulvio Abbate, writer and columnist
Your documentary film is very beautiful, it has excited and touched me. Should I criticize something, I would disapprove music, which is a bit weak. I would have rather used a comment made of libertarian songs and CNT hymns on the images of the Spanish Civil War”
Umberto Lenzi, director
Here  is a new Italian independent film which is really interesting, telling about the little known history of the Italian anarchist movement, beside the documentary film by Antonio Morabito (They’re not one percent – Anarchists in Carrara, 2007), the portrait by Roberto Nanni (Antonio Ruiu, life of a Sardinian anarchist, 2001, produced by Nanni Moretti) and Giuliano Montaldo’s Sacco and Vanzetti (imposed by the movement, since it was made in 1971). An Anarchist Life, a life characterized by extreme concreteness and by the rejection to put his proud theory in an ivory tower. And by an extreme moral rigor, as Durruti, by the firmness in the ideas he wanted to defend and by the sweetness he had with people who defended the opposite ones. A life which marks the daredevil existences, never enslaved to churches and parties, of an anarchist artisan, always ruler of his mind, of his conscience, of his work instruments.
Roberto Silvestri, reviewer

Ivan Bormann

In 2002 he obtained the third prize at VideoEvento in Turin with “Bruno e Gian 2001” and submit it to the Video Art Festival of Locarno. In 2005 he projected his “Br1” at Alpe Adria Trieste Film Festival. In 2006 he worked as videoreporter for the television program “Okkupati” broadcast on Rai Tre.

In 2007, with Stefano Stiglich, present the video installation titled “Derive, strada vecchia dell’Istria 2007” in Buttrio, villa Toppo Florio. In the same year he began his collaboration with Fabio Toich with whom he created the documentaries “Electrodoc 2007”, “Colors 2008” and “Electrodoc 2008“. In 2010, directs the film “Sconfinato-Storia di Emilio” with Toich’s editing ,produced by Orione Cinematografica and Drop Out, winner of the Zone of Cinema at the Trieste Film Festival and also presented at Un film per la pace (a film for peace) of Gorizia, at the Religion Today Film both Trent and London, at Epizhephiry Festival and at the Czech Republic Festival.

Fabio Toich

In 2001 he graduated in Communication Studies at the University of Trieste.

From 2002 to 2004 he worked for Luxa Tv. Since 2007 collaborates with Ivan Bormann with whom he undertook the documentary “Electrodoc 2007“, “Colors 2008” and “Electrodoc 2008“. Bormann Editor’s film “The Story of Boundless Emilio” in the 2010 winner of the Zone of Cinema 2011 edition of the Trieste Film Festival.

Cast and Crew

Ivan Bormann Direction / Subject / Screenplay
Fabio Toich Direction / Subject / Screenplay
Pino Cacucci Actor
Ascanio Celestini Actor
Simone Cristicchi Actor
Anita Kravos Voice Narrator
Daniele Tenze Actor (rotoscope)
Omar Soffici Producer
Daniele Trani Director of Photography / Colorist
Belinda De Vito Set Designer
Marco Nobile Graphic Designer
Gabriel Covacich Sound Design / Sound Editing
Dj Glitch Soundtrack
Elvio Carini Sound Recordist
Leonardo Paoletti Sound Recordist
Simone Biasiol Sound Recordist
Pierpaolo Verdecchi Operator

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