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Across the river


written and directed by Lorenzo Bianchini

An ethnologist working in the remote woods, trapping animals and mounting cameras on them to monitor their behavior remotely. The recordings lead him to a remote village, the site of an ancient curse, where he is trapped due to heavy rain fall.

Across the river

From press:

“The most downright efficient, atmospheric horror film in this year’s selection”
“ACROSS THE RIVER is a brilliant opposition of new and old narratives, building towards a downright terrifying finale”
Ariel Esteban Cayer – Fantasia Festival

“one of the best italian independent movie in the last years”
Diego Lopez – Sitges Festival

“a movie bucking the suspenseful Hollywood trends”
Joshua Merriel – Monster Pictures

“This is truly one of the creepiest films I have ever seen”
Evan Saathoff – Badass Digest

“A fresh experiment, unconventional, outside of the usual Italian patterns’
Diego Scarponi – The Voice of New York (La Voce di New York)

“The future of the new italian horror cinema has a nome and surname: Lorenzo Bianchini”
Maurizio Colombo – Fear Almanac Dylan Dog

“damp, isolated, unsettled, scared to death”
Film Society Lincoln Center

Lorenzo Bianchini

In 1997 he makes his first short movie, the psychological thriller Paura dentro, followed by another short about satanism, Smoke allucination and in 1999 by the movie I denti della luna, the tale of a small town plagued by a werewolf. His first full length feature film in 2001 Radice quadrata di tre resumes the same subject of Smoke Allucination and is also spoken in Friulian, the language of the region where Bianchini lives. After shooting other two low budget movies Custodes Bestiae and Film Sporco, in 2008 he directs Occhi, a psycho thriller produced this time by a Portoguese indipendent film company, Contracosta Film. Lorenzo Bianchini wrote, screenplayed, directed and edited these works. “Radice Quadrata di Tre” and “Custodes Bestiae” have had a distribution with an unexpected success of crictical acclaim (national and international) . “Radice Quadrata di Tre” has sold over two thousand copies (without hiring). The critics have pondere how these films have made themselves talked about (into internet sites like “Twitch“, “10K Bullets“, “Nocturna” and national and international press) considering the indipendent productions. 
Considered a cult director among his fans he draws his inspiration from some of the most famous Italian horror directors of the past such as Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Mario Bava.

Cast and Crew

Gianluigi Perrone Executive Producer
Lorenzo Bianchini Direction Subject / Screenplay
Michela Bianchini Subject / Screenplay
Omar Soffici Producer
Marco Marchese Actor
Renzo Gariup Actor
Lidia Zabrieszach Actor
Daniele Trani Director of Photography / Colorist / Operator
Stefano Sciascia Music
Lucio Zannella Sound Recordist
Giuliano Giacomelli 1st Assistant Director
Stefano Tell Scenography
Valeria Di Pofi Special FX
Edoardo Vojvoda Visual FX
Davide Piotto Sound Design
Francisca Palmina Dos Santos Location Manager
Alex Ordiner Key Grip

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