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written and directed by Omar Soffici

In this time of a new Decadence forecast, every artist have to come out and breath new air. Like a conscious observer, he walks gingerly on the ruins of this shifty age, scraps of absent-minded civilization. To this day, what rule the woman really did in all that? Passive spectator of a carnage? Inconscious victim? Is her maturitiy ever accomplished? Can the woman really to be the lacking point of view, called to express her self in these downfall times?Sonya, middle temporary element of ‘Il Ciclo delle Donne’ (The Women’s Cycle), represents the scaled down path headed out by women since the present age; from coercion to rebellion, gradual taken awareness leading to the personal liberty. It is still not gender freedom, but it constitutes the essential axiom for revolution.

Omar Soffici

p.s. I’m a nice person!

Cast and Crew

Omar Soffici Director / Subject / Screenplay
Arianna Viego Actor
Enza De Rose Assistant Director
Omar Soffici Producer
Daniele Trani Director of Photography
Omar Soffici Color Correction
Francesca Tonsi Costume / Set Designer
Omar Soffici Music
Daniele Tenze Appearance
Beatriz Mesa Script Supervisor
Stephanie Puppini Make-up / Hair Style

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